To be alive in this beautiful,

self-organizing universe

– to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it

– is a wonder beyond words.

- Joanna Macy

The Work

Drawing on the work of Joanna Macy, John Seed, Arne Naess, and many others starting in the 1970's and preserved as an evolving work of our time. The work is composed of teachings on deep ecology, living systems theory, and spiritual traditions and is a community building process that grows our courage, resilience, and solidarity. It helps clarify survival skills, like community building and tending to our grief, needed for navigating the chaotic times we are in, as well as the unique roles we each can play in creating a more just, and caring world. While exploring our inner responses to the current crises.

 The online workshop Includes:

- Introduction and discussion: the work that reconnects.

- Space for silence.

- Group process work

- Experiental Interactive exercises

- Room to decompress, share and connect

“Books about social and ecological change too often leave out a vital component: how do we change ourselves so that we are strong enough to fully contribute to this great shift? Active Hope fills this gap beautifully, guiding readers on a journey of gratitude, grief, interconnection, and, ultimately, transformation.”

- Naomi Klein, Author, "This changes everything" on the book "Active Hope"

 Session 1:

- Creating a shared container for the session

- The Spiral of The Work That Reconnects

- Gratitude as practise

- Personal Exercise and Reflection

- The Three Storys of our Time

    - Business As Usual

    - The Great Unravelling

    - The Great Turning

- Breathing through the pain of the world

 Session 2:

- Honoring our our pain for the world

-  Exercise A walk through our time

- Gratitude

- Personal Exercise and Reflection

- Walking the questions

- Going Forth

The participants are invited to co-creating this workshop so there are differences in how things progress, depending on time and how we individually and as a group want to distribute our time

The Workshop will be held on Zoom, and you will receive a link to the meeting the lates 48h before we start. To read up on how to use, go to


Sliding scale, gift economy, by donation.

Recommended: 100-300 NoK (10-30Euro) (to pay for preparation time, materials, zoom account, and continued development of the Work That Reconnects in the Nordic)

Any questions or suggestions? Get in touch with me at

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31.05.2020 Three workshop choices

10.00am - 04.30pm CET :Full workshop

10.00am - 12.30pm CET: "Introduction"

02.00pm - 04.30pm CET: "Immersion" *

* Recommended for those that have taken part in session 1, and or have renewed knowledge of the Basic assumptions of The Work That Reconnects