January 10th 2021

10.00 -16.30 CET

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11.00PM CET

“Books about social and ecological change too often leave out a vital component: how do we change ourselves so that we are strong enough to fully contribute to this great shift? Active Hope fills this gap beautifully, guiding readers on a journey of gratitude, grief, interconnection, and, ultimately, transformation.”


—  Naomi Klein, Author, "This changes everything" on the book "Active Hope"

“Simply being present and attentive with a group of people who are committed to this work, is inspiring and restorative for me. My connection with the world (within and without) feels deeper….​"


—  Raven Gray, co-founder, Transition US 

"The Work that Reconnects is one of the most powerful tools of personal transformation, empowerment, and creation of active change agents"


—  Daniel Christian Wahl, Author, Designing Regenerative Cultures

"The Work That Reconnects was made for these times. Times when what used to make sense is liquifying before our eyes - and we need new spaces to make sense of it." For too long, we have been looking for answers and solutions. Now is the time to inhabit the spaces of not knowing where we find ourselves on the “knife edge of uncertainty” as root teacher Joanna Macy puts it.

Come with whatever is real for you in this in between space. This work was developed over 50 years of working with activists, change makers and people who have lost their homes, seen destruction to their lands, and suffered through wars and conflicts and different forms of oppression.

In the online workshop we will let us be guided by the spiral of the Work that Reconnects to spark courage and creativity in these times of ecological grief and corona lockdown. The workshop consists of group exercises, as well as teachings to foster a larger feeling of self and a stronger connection to our world, transforming the experience of the state of our world into individual action.

The Workshop will be as much as online possible participant centered and interactive. Participants are encouraged to help guide the work together and contribute to the process if they feel to do so and time allows for it.

(For accessibility the Workshop will be held in mainly English, but with Norwegian/Scandinavian as supplementary language)

Through reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and with the magic at the source of all Life and its mystery, we discover a form of “Active Hope” which is beyond solutions, certainty or guarantee of a promised future. We rediscover our authority to act on behalf of all Life.




About the facilitator

Martin Reinholtz is a facilitator for the Work That Reconnects network, living in Oslo (Norway), and has facilitated purpose driven workshops and trainings for the past years, centered on community and organizational development.

Lately he has mostly been supporting and building grassroots activist movements such as Extinction Rebellion Norway.


After working in leadership positions in Norwegian business life for over 10 years, Martin has spent the last decade as an full time Direct Holding Action Activist Throughout Europe. Experiencing first hand, the mental, emotional and physical exhaustion that comes with bearing witness and taking prolonged non-violent direct action to mitigate ecosystem destruction.

This has led him to occupying and stopping several Oil-Rigs in the Barents Sea, blocking outdated nuclear power plants in Europe, to blocking bridges in Bulgaria and stopping coal with “Ende Gelaende” in Germany.

Continuing with organizational and community development, he has studied systems theory, innovation, regenerative leadership, meditation, organizational psychology and ethics. Recently finishing a thesis on "Open Space" facilitation, the importance of eco-facilitation, and a living systems approach in Norwegian environmental volunteer organizations.

Influencing his own work and facilitation style he has learned from Joanna Macy Ph.D.(Root Teacher the WTR), David Abram Ph.D.(American ecologist and philosopher, founder and creative director of the Alliance for Wild Ethics), Nils Faarlund (Norwegian Eco-Philosopher and close friend of Arne Næss), Andreas Weber Ph.D.(German Biologist, Biosemiotician, Philosopher).

The Workshop will be held live with the help of Zoom Video, please check out the application before attending. (You are invited to have a stable video connection, it helps the process if we can see each other).

What participants are saying

about the online Workshop.

"It (the workshop) was a gift and I felt much richer. I have gained so many new thoughts, knowledge and wisdom that mean so much and that I carry with me onwards."

Participant Autumn 2020

“I appreciated every aspect of your facilitation, your feeling, your heart your Cadence, your way of reaching out to everyone as if they were right there in the room with you. Such beautiful and artful work.”

Participant Spring 2020

"Mainly it feels like the essence of it being exactly ’The work that reconnects’"


Participant Autumn 2020

This workshop is dedicated to the Women and indigenous communities of the Amazon who are struggling with oil spills on top of the Covid-19 crisis, they are in need of materials and funding.
Please visit:


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Sliding scale, gift economy, by donation.

Recommended: 400 - 900 NoK (40 - 90 Euro)

-donations can be made after completing the workshop equal to what you receive from participating (or by donating your presence, you are welcome as you are), no one will be turned away for lack of funds!

(towards: preparation time, production, materials, continued development of the Work That Reconnects in the Nordic, as well as  Martin’s full time volunteer/ activist work - supporting environmental causes and grassroots movements, influencing politics in Norway, teaching at schools and charities)

                   (Norway): 480 93 786 - Martin Reinholtz

                    (International): paypal.me/GreenLeadership

Spaces are limited to min. 5 and a max. of 15 participants