Practices and Trainings

The Work That Reconnects is open source, and is going to stay that way. If you wish to start facilitating the work, you can do that, Facilitator Training and Development Programs are available all over the world, also book-study groups are a great way to start.

Updated practices as well as a lot more information can be found at


Active Hope: How to Face the Mess we’re in without Going Crazy: co-authored with my long-time colleague Chris Johnstone of Bristol, England, aims to bring basic assumptions and ingredients of the Work That Reconnects to a mainstream readership. In the process some valuable new perspectives on the Work have emerged.

For more information and to purchase: New World Library or

Coming Back to Life: The original Coming Back to Life has helped people transform denial, despair and grief in the face of the social and ecological challenges of our time. This new, completely updated edition repositions the classic work within the context of deepening global crises and the cognitive, spiritual and perceptual revolutions occurring all around us.

Preface by Molly Young Brown available here. Read the first chapter here.  Study guide available here.

Stories of the Great Turning:

By Peter Reason and Melanie Newman

This book tells stories of how ordinary people in their everyday lives have responded to the challenges of living more sustainably. In these difficult times, we need stories that engage, enchant and inspire. Most of all, we need stories of practical changes, of community action, of changing hearts and minds.

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World As Lover, World As Self – Courage for Global Justice and Ecological Renewal:

by Joanna Macy

This collection includes new thinking that guides  work, along with favorite portions of the original book, all freshly rewritten. Order it here

A Wild Love for the World:

 In this collection of writings, leading spiritual teachers, deep ecologists, and diverse writers and activists explore the major facets of Macy’s lifework. Combined with eleven pieces from Macy herself, the result is a rich chorus of wisdom and compassion to support the work of our time.

 More works by Joanna and others have been published

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